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Accomplishing a major goal of obtaining my Bachelor of Chiropractic Science and Master of Chiropractic degrees from Macquarie University has empowered me to deliver a higher level of integrated and comprehensive care to our loyal clients.


Membership of Chiropractic Australia (CA) and the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS) allows me to bring an extra level of care to all my patients.


Being updated regularly on best practise and the latest research means I can provide my clients with more options to manage their particular situation.

Dr. Clyde Jin

Dr. Clyde Jin

CA membership means I am nationally registered and adhere to the Chiropractic Code of regulations.

I consider it a privilege to guide people through various modes of natural therapies to have them achieve a pain-free life, as that is what life should be - pain-free.


As with everything in life, communication is key.

​Should I feel my patient would benefit from treatment by another health practitioner, my association networks allow me to refer and provide an easy transition for that patient.


I feel it is essential that I practise what I preach and do try to be a role

model for my children as well as my patients.


After all, we often face the same difficulties; it is just our strategies for

handling them that differ.

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