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A study conducted by the Spinal Research Foundation and published in the Journal of Neural Plasticity shows that chiropractic spinal adjustments significantly increase activity in the brain's prefrontal cortex, the area where higher learning and cognition happen.

Chiropractic can support the brain's reaction time, for processing information, motor control, and much more.

It is the entire body that responds to chiropractic adjustments, not just the back.

Did you know that Poor posture alone causes an increase of tension at the base of our skull and at our brainstem? Obviously, a major contributor to spinal misalignment, it can in turn lead to flawed muscular patterns, high blood pressure, digestive issues, headaches, spasms, and inflammatory bowel conditions.

There is growing belief amongst researchers regarding the effect of low back pain on brain activity.

Going all the way back to 2004, the Journal of Neuroscience ran a paper (authored by Vania Apkarian) affirming chronic back pain to be associated with decreased prefrontal and thalamic grey matter density [2].

The Apkarian study, indicated patients with CBP [chronic back pain] showed 5-11% less neocortical gray matter volume than control subjects.

This loss of gray matter is the equivalent of that lost in 10-20 years of normal aging!

It makes sense that neck pain and CBP can influence both physical, mental, and emotional aspects of consciousness, leading to increased depression and anxiety. Thereby having a major impact on quality of life of the sufferer.

So conversely, regular maintenance of subluxations can help to elevate our state of consciousness back to its original state.

A 2016, study published in the journal #NeuralPlasticity, revealed that adjusting the spine changes brain function [1, 2]. This result was further researched and then studied and confirmed by an independent medical researcher [2].

More and more people are starting to understand that chiropractic therapy can help them with more than just back pain.

Chiropractic maintenance can in fact be the foundation of our health care regime.

After all what other therapy can impact all areas of the body?

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1. Lelic, D, Niazi, IK, Holt, K, Jochumsen, M, Dremstrup, K, Yielder, P, Murphy, B, Drewes, A and Haavik, H (2016), “Manipulation of dysfunctional spinal joints affects sensorimotor integration in the pre-frontal cortex: A brain source localization study,” Neural Plasticity, Volume 2016 (2016).

2. Apkarian A, Sosa Y, Sonty S, Levy R, Harden N, Parrish T, and Gitelman, Chronic Back Pain Is Associated with Decreased Prefrontal and Thalamic Gray Matter Density. Journal of Neuroscience 17 November 2004, 24 (46) 10410-10415; DOI: https://doi.org/10.15

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  • Dr Clyde Jin

While it cannot cure lung disease, chiropractic therapy can improve your quality of life if you do suffer from a respiratory condition. Chiropractic can help you to breathe a little easier.

Did you know spinal misalignment (subluxations) can impact the thoracic nerves?

These nerves and muscles help control the rib cage, #lungs, diaphragm and muscles that help you breathe. When these nerves are negatively impacted the lungs are unable to expand or contract as they should.

Your posture will also impact your breathing capacity, so this is yet another way chiropractic therapy can help improve lung function.

Your #respiratory function is compromised when you are bent over. This posture constricts your lung capacity. It not treated your lack of #lungfunction may become permanent.

All #lungconditions worsen over time so it is important to take action as soon as you can to help slow this course.

While these might sound like minor issues, #breathingcomplications can become quite severe if not treated early.

And of course, if chiropractic maintenance is a mainstay of your health regime you may well avoid these issues altogether.

The simple truth is that chiropractic therapies impact every area of your body and mind.

It is kind of like a one stop shop, isn't it?

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  • Dr Clyde Jin

Osteoarthritis affects a large number of Australians and is the most prevalent type of arthritis.

There is no cure for Osteoarthritis; however sufferers will often get excellent benefits from having regular chiropractic care.

Chiropractic therapy alleviates pain by making adjustments in the spine and skeleton in order to relieve stress and correct alignment and balance within the body. Our body is such an amazing structure and actually has the innate ability to heal itself when all areas of the body are operating as they should.

By focusing on restoring and maintaining movement and functioning of your musculoskeletal system, chiropractic can be beneficial in managing your pain and preventing the condition from worsening.

While movement maybe painful it is movement that is shown to be among the best treatments for the arthritic joint.

Keeping the joint mobile helps to reduce the constant inflammation and has shown marked improvements in the long-term relief of the associated pain.

So it is a matter of finding the CORRECT movements to assist with joint mobility and lubrication. This is where a certified doctor of chiropractic can help.

When your body is in alignment, pressure is taken off the nerves, allowing the motion between the bones and joints to be restored. The outcome of maintaining proper alignment can include increased flexibility and improved strength.

Often you may find just treating the surrounding tissues may significantly reduce the overall pain of arthritis. Chiropractic also offers several adjunct therapies which are exceptionally effective in targeting the pain source.

For e.g. laser therapy is a safe and effective solution to relieving pain and healing the body without surgery or prescribing of harmful medications.

TENS therapy or Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation uses a low voltage electrical current to provide pain relief;

And acupuncture to name just a few.

Chiropractic care, a balanced diet and a personalised exercise program may help control the musculoskeletal changes associated with your arthritic condition.

And hopefully remove the need for medication for this condition.

To find out if chiropractic therapy is right for you call our office to arrange a comprehensive initial consultation and examination.

We can help you to live the life you want.

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