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Updated: Apr 8, 2022

For many of us one of the benefits of lock-down has been the ability to work from home.

It has been a time saver. ⏳‍

We have been more relaxed not having to battle peak hour traffic. 🚗 😊

And we have seen our families more. 👨👨‍👨‍👧‍👧

However there is a huge downside to the WFH life which will have ramifications for years ahead.

Many have adopted poor postures at their work station. When we work in an incorrect postural fashion we are doing major damage to our back and spine and therefore other areas of the body.

This can be remedied by using a high quality ergonomic desk and chair thus ensuring correct posture is maintained while seated at your desk. Of course the chair and desk need to be set to the right height for your particular needs. This is something we can do for you as part of our ergonomic assessment.

There is also a simple and quick solution available.

Firstly ensure you have no spinal subluxations or misaligned vertebrae. #Subluxations are managed by chiropractic adjustments, which can be either fully manual or tool assisted.

By using a balance cushion, such as the 66Fit (pictured) as a seated cushion you will improve posture and core stability.

Just pump it up a bit more, place on the floor and it operates as a balance training aid whilst standing.

Users have reported its effectiveness in improving #posture, muscle strength,

joint stabilisation and #balance.

By positioning a lumbar support cushion on your chair this, along with the balance cushion, provides an excellent ergonomic setup for you to work with out damaging your back.

The 66 Fit Balance Cushion and the lumbar chair support are available from both our clinics in #SydneyCBD and #Cremorne.


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